Summertime and the livin’ is easy.


But studying surely ain’t!

So, I suppose I should lay down the “goal” for this summer and this blog’s original purpose that originated through a twitter chat with a pal.

My japanese tutor is on summer vacations right now and god knows if I don’t have someone poking me to do this and that, I suck. Yes, I know adults are supposed to be getting shit done on their own, without someone guiding them all the time but guess I’m stuck in an eternal loop of flunking without a tutor. (hi highschool memories!)

And forgetting all the japanese lessons I’ve taken these past months (and let me tell you, they aren’t that much, as my tutor lives in the city, and I can only go there twice a month tops) is a thing that’s surely to happen, because it’s summer. And what do I do in summer? – Wake up, drink cold chocolate, go to beach, watch movies, drink strawberry milkshake, read a book/manga, watch a series and then go to sleep. Studying is not a part of my summer ritual, it never was. And since I’m jobless this summer, all the more reason to chillax and watch the occasional summer clouds in the clear, blue sky.

But, since I did pay for those lessons and my tutor says that we should try N4 this fall, just to test the waters, I have to get my arse working.


So, setting aside every other book, I will focus only on “Japanese the Manga way” (wonderbook!) and use a few of the japanese manga volumes I own, pick random pages and study kanji with the help of the dictionary. Now, I know this way is unorthodox, especially if I want to try for the JLPT which has certain guidelines, but I don’t care to study for the JLPT only, and my teach agrees with that; the more I learn, the better.

So, DO NOT TRY to learn kanji that way, I don’t encourage it at all, it’s just my way of “studying” (if you can call pick random pages studying lol) and put my photographic memory to use, like Jack Shephard from LOST.

I figured I would “record” my progress as a motivational pat on my back, and if any person benefits from the entries I will be submitting almost daily, then that’s great! If that person also points out mistakes, that’s even greater! If no person sees the entries though, well, that’s great too. It’s a personal blog, not a how-to (DEFINITELY not a how-to, if anything, it’s more like how-NOT-to!) which also means there will also be occasional posts about movies I might re-watch, quotes that get stuck on my mind, how Schopenhauer was actually right all along etc etc, random stuff.


the crap I will be posting : 

1. Random pages (but not that random, really) from japanese manga, in the style of JTMW, dissecting dialogue bubbles, that contain at least one kanji. My goal is to reach 100+kanji by September, to add to my already 120 knowledgable kanji mind-list. (there will probably be kanji I’ve already mastered too, but repeating is useful)

2. Random posts about how there should be the ultimate acting award named after La Vie d’Adèle.

3. Random posts about how Takumi and Reira are the true OTP of Nana-verse, and how Kalulu is gonna be canon in Code Geass R3. (okay, to be honest the chances favor C.C. / Lelouch the most!)

4. Random posts contemplating how FFVII remake is gonna handle /that/ stable scene!

So yeah, lots of randomness, it will depend on whatever mood I’m in at any given day, with the exception of the manga-kanji-stuff, that I will be posting regularly.

I will still post on dramajjang about asian drama series (plan to watch Gomen, Aishiteru) so yeah.

Well, that’s it; if anybody read all that poop, congrats! You DO have tons of patience!





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