02. It’s the end of the world.

As Sorata and Arashi know it, and they feel fine. Yep, they’re definitely fine, I mean, vol.17 of X is…well, it’s pretty fine for the aforementioned characters! Rest of the world though, not so much. Just ask Kamui or Subaru!



highwind takes to the skies!

1, 2, 3 TESTING (always wanted to say that aloud in a microphone!)

Testing launching entry, ignore; oh boy, this is gonna be a long summer! And there’s no huge sports competition (eurobasket and US Open is coming late eeer, Masha please play in US open, I can’t watch tennis without youuu) to keep me company these days, which means I don’t even have an excuse to flunk out on studying, ahhh. Well, GoT is starting soon, so there’s that.